Thursday, February 2, 2012

Autoscribe’s Free Guide to Managing a LIMS Project

This free guide from Autoscribe will help you through the complex process of implementing a LIMS or Sample Tracking system. Written for individuals and project teams in small laboratories through to enterprise/global operations it provides information that will help you avoid many of the potential problems and pitfalls encountered in the LIMS selection and buying process.
The guide titled “How to buy a LIMS” aims to help anyone who is considering the implementation of a LIMS or Sample Tracking solution. It covers all stages of a project, from determining the need for a solution through selection up to the final decision and implementation post –order.  It includes a section giving some of the common reasons why projects can potentially fail, so you can avoid the same mistakes.  Based on decades of practical management experience, specifying and delivering successful solutions, it provides relevant and honest information that will help you achieve the successful implementation of your specific project.
Autoscribe Limited is a leader in the development and supply of innovative configured solutions within the scientific laboratory market and our Matrix systems are supplied with a unique set of configuration tools that allow further configuration of the system if needed.
Autoscribe also offers systems for instrument calibration and maintenance, stability testing, customer complaints management, support management and resource planning.
Matrix – Future proofed solutions to protect your software investment
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